Shear Terror

Yep.  That was pretty close to how I felt before going to get highlights and a haircut this evening at Kenneth Shuler.  But first, some background…

Does anyone else feel like a typical visit to a salon completely decimates your bank account?   I think the ones that give you wine while they work on your hair are banking on the fact that your memory of the warm fuzzy happiness will outweigh the pain of the $100+ charge you’re racking up each time…

Now admittedly, I do fall into the very “low maintenance” end of the spectrum when it comes to hair, as I want to be able to shower and GO, not shower and have to spend an hour styling my hair for it to look decent.  Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Hilariously enough, I recently attended an event at a VERY posh local salon and it was a gorgeous, modern-looking space with models showcasing the hair products and all the stylists could have been models too…or Effie Trinket.   For a little while I thought, hey, maybe I should branch out, maybe they can transform me into a girly girl too, but then I realized that I will just never be that girl, and that’s OK.  It’s a perfect fit for some and not for others, and that’s what makes our world great – choices!

So after some soul-searching and wondering if I’d end up looking like my old Barbies did when I used to hack off their hair for fun, I decided to give Kenneth Shuler a shot tonight.  If you’re not familiar with them, it’s a Cosmetology School where students are the ones working on your hair and earning credit toward their coursework.   In exchange, you receive HIGHLY discounted prices.

Each student is at a different point in the program, so it’s kind of a game of roulette as far as whether you’re getting someone with a lot of experience, but the comforting factor is that their instructor is constantly checking in with you and with the stylist to make sure they’re doing everything to your satisfaction, and the instructor often steps in to help with more difficult techniques.

This experience satisfied my top 3 criteria:



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