When The Winds Of Change Blow, Some People Build Walls And Others Build Windmills

As the wise Shark Robert Herjavec once said, “A goal without a timeline is simply a dream.” Over the weekend, Gabe and I have enjoyed creating a shared 2017 vision as we think about the new year (so wonderfully cliche, I know). Since we certainly won’t lack for change in the coming year, it’s been natural for us to wonder where we’ll be this time next year and how we’ll get to that point, but for now, we’re focusing on the factors we can control and setting some hopefully realistic timeframes for these goals.

A few items from our vision:

  • Reading through the whole Bible together this year 
  • Finding creative ways to supplement income in order to still be able to travel on a budget (Mystery shopping, Swagbucks, earning airline rewards, and a few other things in the works)
  • Focusing on our health and nutrition (Exercising together almost every day and JuicePlus)
  • Being mindful about our possessions and decluttering
  • Monthly prayer board to lift up requests of our family and friends
  • Learning to be more DIY – for those that know me, you’ll know how hilarious this is 🙂 but I’m determined to be more resourceful this year and learn how to make my own household products!


  • Gabe’s next job assignment and our next location is something we won’t find out until later this month.  
  • My job of 11 years is ending this month and I have nothing lined up for after it ends.   More unnerving than exciting at this point.
  • My house has yet to sell.  By far the most stressful experience of this past year (wedding planning included) has been the financial burden of this house and all the maintenance.  So thankful Gabe is handy and has been able to help with a lot of it, but I know we will both be celebrating in a HUGE way once it sells!  

Praying for a flexible and teachable mindset as this next year (and even the next month) will bring many answers to our unknowns. So thankful for a loving husband who always encourages me with kindness and reminds me to trust in God’s provision. Most of all thankful that the Lord is a constant in the midst of change and uncertainty.

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