Jacksonville where?!

I didn’t know there was another Jacksonville outside of Florida until about 2 years ago, but here I am, living in this copycat in NC.  Lately I feel a little like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window, minus the broken leg.  After living in a house the past 8+ years, being in an apartment for a few months while Gabe finishes up his job here has made me find entertainment in unique ways.

A peek into my daily routine :

  • 0430 – Wake up to go workout (sit in massage chair) at Planet Fitness with Gabe
  • 0630 – Log on to work remotely
  • 0700 – Open the blinds to “let in the light” aka stare at the cute puppy rotation being walked in the grassy field of the apartment complex:
    • white husky comes out first around 0900 with very disinterested girl owner
    • 2 chihuahuas at 1230 with owner who walks them briskly in the same OCD circle each day
    • little beagle mix makes his appearance around 1300 – owner is usually on the phone
    • girl eating lunch on picnic table around 2:00 – she has no dog – boring
  • 1000 – Listen to the couple upstairs dropping what sounds like huge boxes everywhere.  Then they vacuum every single day and hit the walls violently as they do.    Why!?  
  • 1200 – Make daily trip to the mailbox or open the door for the kind postman bringing my latest treasure from shopping with Ebates
  • 1300 – Go to get something from my car to find a tow notice for parking in someone else’s spot,  because someone is parked in MY spot.  #apartmentproblems
  • 1600 – If Gabe is working late, I’ll venture out to do some mystery shopping after work.  This has actually been fun and the compensation isn’t bad!  On warm days, it’s nice to be able to hit the beach with less than a 30 minute drive.
  • 1930 – Dinner time and I get to see my honey!   He’s had to work so much with the end of this job that I barely get to see him most days, but will be so glad when this job is done and we can spend more time together.  After a month long honeymoon, it’s hard to complain.
  • Usually we head to Columbia or Greensboro on the weekends off, but this past one we had to stay here and I made the mistake of venturing out to the mall.  I swear, every military man and his buddy were there, as I felt like one of about five females in that whole place.  That mall definitely didn’t suffer from Low T.
  •  ATTENTION SINGLE LADIES: if you’re looking to meet a Marine, I don’t think you’ll find a city with a more skewed ratio of men to women. 
So that’s my life right now.  Hopefully that served as a nice bedtime story to put you to sleep 🙂

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