Nature’s First Aid Kit

Just wanted to share some useful tips I learned from Dr. Josh Axe this week on the top 5 essential oils to keep in your home!
  1. Frankincense – Fights inflammation, improves immunity, improves mood, and helps with age spots on skin.  Look up the research studies on this one and you’ll be amazed!
  2. Lavender – Use on cuts/scrapes, sunburn, helps with sleep, lowers stress.
  3. Lemon Oil – Helps reduce mucus, phlegm, assists with movement of lymph, and assists with immunity.  Can be a great household cleaner when combined with melaleuca, water, and vinegar.  Also fights candida in your body
  4. Peppermint – Topical analgesic – rub with lavender on your neck and temples to help with headaches.  Also helps increase energy and can soothe digestive issues/upset stomach.   I love diffusing this one with orange or lemon – smells so good.
  5. Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) – Antibacterial (use as hand sanitizer when traveling instead of the alcohol-based ones), cleans stinky shoes, anti-mold and anti-fungus.  This one has a scent that I’m not particularly fond of, but it definitely packs a punch for cleaning and healing!
Check out Edens Garden if you’re interested in purchasing 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  No direct sales structure involved!

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