Seeds of Change – Mushroomed!

Thanks to a promotion from Influenster, I was able to get a free package of the new Mushroom Simmer sauce from Seeds of Change for testing purposes.  (I love being a guinea pig for new food products!!)  I’m not a fantastic chef, so anything that makes meal prep easier is a boon.  I used this sauce with some grass-fed beef and served over rice.  The whole meal took less than 20 minutes to prepare.  As you can see below, it looks like beef stroganoff, minus the noodles.  It had a rich, creamy flavor but was not overpowering like some sauces can be.  I’d definitely recommend it, and next time I plan to add my own fresh mushrooms to kick it up a notch.   It enabled me to re-purpose ingredients I already had on hand and enjoy them in a new way, so I’m definitely a fan.  It’s amazing what a sauce like this can do for a meal that would otherwise be blasé.

 If mushrooms aren’t your thing, Seeds of Change also has several other flavors of sauces and ready to eat rice blends that are tasty and USDA organic.  Target is running a 20% off promotion on them this week as well, so why not?  You can also print a coupon on the Seeds of Change website to double up on savings.    I love their mission:  To make organically grown seeds available to gardeners and farmers, while preserving countless heirloom seed varieties.  Exciting that they’re expanding into food and not just seeds now!

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