Cod Liver Oil For Immunity

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.  All opinions are my own and I only recommend products I have personally tested and found to be helpful.

End of the year stress has been getting to me lately and it’s been difficult to get enough healing sleep, so I’ve been trying to add in some supplements to help boost my immune system.  For the past few weeks, I have added Cod Liver Oil to my wellness regimen.   The name isn’t exactly appealing, but I’m sure you’ve probably heard an older relative swear by it at some point, right?  So is it gross?  Will your burps taste like fish?  I was a little nervous about the aftertaste, but thankfully it comes in a lemon flavor that actually tastes good.  Even my husband likes it and he can be picky.  I like to mix it with some elderberry syrup and take the cocktail at the start of each day.    You can also take it in capsule form, but I prefer the liquid since I’m not a huge fan of taking pills.   Unless you’re out in the sun a good bit, chances are you’ll need to supplement with Vitamin D3 to avoid deficiency in the colder months.  Cod Liver Oil will help you with that and with providing essential omega-3 fatty acids.


My husband has noticed an improvement in his eczema since taking the oil, so that’s been a nice bonus.  You can read about some of the other benefits of Cod Liver Oil here.  I like the brand Nordic Naturals because they use Arctic Cod with 3rd party verified purity.  As you probably know, mercury can be a huge concern in fish and fish oil products, so knowing your source is crucial.  Cod Liver Oil has been a welcome addition to my health arsenal, so I’ll definitely be keeping it around for the winter months.   What are your go-to wellness products during this season?  Please share below.

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  1. hmm…so interesting. I’m terrible at remembering to take any of my regular vitamins these days. Most of the time I end up chewing one of the kids’ Flintstones ones – not my proudest moment.


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