Review Of Ramble Lane Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Purifier And Non-Toxic Deodorizer Bag

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Week 28 of Trying New Things has brought me to a pet-friendly and non-toxic way to keep my living spaces fresh and smelling good.  I discovered Ramble Lane deodorizer bags through a friend’s Instagram page after searching for a safe product that would help with pet odors.  I’m highly sensitive to chemical fragrances and conventional air fresheners, and I often end up with a headache if I’m in a heavily scented room (think Abercrombie stores or Bath & Body Works).  After seeing that these bags work to eliminate odor instead of covering it up with another smell, I was on board!  I received 4 deodorizer bags to test out, so read on to find out where I placed each of them.

  • air fresheners
    • Bag 1 – Since our sweet rescue dog Sasha often rides in the car with us, I sometimes worry about a lingering smell when others ride in the car with us after that, so this was one of my first areas of concern.  I have one bag sitting in the back seat of the car where the dog rides and have noticed that the doggy odor that used to be there has effectively been neutralized.
    • Bag 2 – My husband’s gym bag can be a sweaty mess at times with how hard he works out and he has commented that the bag has helped eliminate some of this odor.  He told me this without me even asking him about it so I could tell he was impressed.
    • Bag 3 –  The kitchen by the garbage can.  Thanks to the aluminum eyelet, I have this hanging on the wall directly above the trash.  This is easily the most smelly place in our apartment, but I’ve noticed that it has helped make it less intense.  It does not eliminate all the trash odors (that would be really hard to do, even with a spray), but it does help reduce the smell.
    • Bag 4 – My sneakers.  These get pretty gross from all my volleyball playing in them, so I decided I would pick my smelliest pair and put a bag in just ONE of the shoes overnight to test out the difference.  The next day, I definitely noticed a marked improvement in the odor and went ahead and switched the bag over to the second shoe so they could both smell better!

My verdict:  though they don’t seem to completely eliminate intense odors such as those coming from garbage, they are highly effective for eliminating pet odors and other unpleasant smells around the house.  I love that they do not contain any fragrances or toxic chemicals, making them safe for adults, children and animals alike.

  • Multi-Purpose: Since they are non-toxic, you can even use them in your refrigerator to eliminate food odors.  Best at 250 sq ft per bag ratio.
  • Reusable: Place them in the sun once a month for an hour. The sun’s UV rays clean out the charcoal pores, removing the pollutants and moisture trapped in them. Reusable for up to 2 years.
  • Eco-friendly and BiodegradableOnce the bags have completed their life cycle the charcoal can be used in potted plants to aerate the soil, or simply be composted. The jute cotton bags are also fully bio-degradable or can be re-purposed and up-cycled.  

How cool is that?!  I know you’re ready to get your own so you can join the eco-friendly deodorizing club, right?  Get your own 4-pack today!

Thanks for reading!  Please share and spread the small business love!  For all your other non-toxic dog-related product needs, check out Dog Product Picker!



  1. Im curious if a pet gets ahold of a bag and chews on it thinking it’s a toy . I know it should be out of reach but seriously all pets get into things that we put out of reach


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