Blog Domain and Server Issues – Quick Update

Last week I made the decision to switch to a self-hosted provider, but as a result, my data did not transfer properly and I lost most of my blog’s design and setup.  Womp, womp!  Just a quick note for anyone wondering why my old domain is showing up as a sample page right now – I’m hoping to get that fixed this week!

It’s been an incredibly frustrating process as I’ve tried to contact tech support.  I hope no one else has had to go through this.   If you’d like to access my posts, navigate to this link for the time being, as that is where my site data is housed until I can get my original domain up and running.   Technology has not been my friend lately.

If you have any suggestions for a good self-hosting provider, I’d love for you to send them my way.  Siteground was the provider I chose, but I just don’t have the knowledge base needed to make it work at this point.

Thanks for reading my sob story.


3 thoughts on “Blog Domain and Server Issues – Quick Update

  1. My biggest fear has been losing my 2,500+ posts – and it happened in a different way for me – my YouTube videos were all erased – more than 250 of them…so every story with a video link just goes to that ugly grey “no video here” image…very frustrating – good luck to you!


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