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Strengthen Your Core With The Planksgiving Challenge

For the past few days, I’ve been hosting a Planksgiving Challenge over on Facebook doing a different variation of a plank each day.  You might be thinking there are a few types of planks, but did you know there are actually over 40 ways to modify a plank?!  I’ve enjoyed learning new ones and pushing myself to try new types of movement with others who all have a common goal of building core strength leading up to the holidays. 

Every morning, I post the plank of the day.  Here are a few we have done so far:




There’s still time to join the challenge!  It goes through Thanksgiving day, so why not get stronger with me and set yourself up for success over the holidays?  Here is the link to join; it’s free!  I’m also planning to run another challenge from Thanksgiving to Christmas, so be sure to follow my page to get all my event updates.

My next post will focus on strategies to help you maintain a healthy relationship with food over the holidays – this is so hard, isn’t it?!

What’s one active thing you’ll be doing this weekend?  Let me know in the comments!

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planksgiving challenge.png

5 thoughts on “Strengthen Your Core With The Planksgiving Challenge

  1. I love your idea of a planking challenge. It’s such a great overall exercise. Do you have any suggestions on modifying if you had a baby ? I heard some women didn’t want to plank due to stomachh

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