Editable Canva Birth Plan Template

If you’re preparing for a child, having a birth plan is key to expressing your wishes surrounding the type of birth you would like. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, keeping an open mind about some things is key as no one can predict how each unique birth will go, but I’ve found that putting things in writing is helpful in planning and thinking through all the scenarios and options available to you.

This is the template I created as a default for an unmedicated hospital birth, but it is in no way medical advice, and can be fully customized in Canva to change anything that you’d like. Once you create the plan you want, I suggest you print off several copies to give to all those who will be at your birth – partner, doula, midwife/OB, nurse, other family, etc. This helps to make your wishes crystal clear and for the times when you’re busy doing the work of a laboring mama, others can use it as a guide to advocate for you and make sure your wishes are respected!

Happy birth planning! 🙂



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