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10 Things That Make Me Happy

Life is so much more enjoyable when I focus on the good, so I was thankful to be tagged in the 10 Things That Make Me Happy Challenge by the lovely Ania from The Sane Mum. You can check out her post here.    Here are my 10 things, in no particular order:

  • Free Fitness – I’ve never been someone that has enjoyed working out in a traditional gym or being tied to annual contracts.  Whether traveling or at home, I enjoy outdoor workouts and using whatever setting I’m in to find ways to make my body stronger and challenge myself.  Lately, I’ve been going to a weekly community workout (Freefitsboro) which is part of a global free fitness movement called November Project.  Check their site to find a location near you!   I’ve also attended workouts with Females in Action, which has locations in 8 states – F3 is the equivalent for men.  You will be surprised at the variety you can find when you Google free fitness near you!

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