Sleep Inside A Potato! “What The Friday” Has Your “Spud Life” Air B’n’B!

If you’ve read my Airbnb posts, you might know that I’m a sucker for unique accommodations. I would totally spend the night in this spud – what about you??


Behold The “Sleep-In” Potato! “What The Friday” Heads To Idaho For A Night Of “Spud” Life!

You know the idea of “What The Friday” – I find something that is so funny, outrageous or just plain strange that I have to share it….and this one is no exception!

Ready for this? The Idaho Potato Commission has gifted Airbnb with a six-ton potato hotel set on 400 acres of land – the “Big Idaho Potato Hotel!”

I love this celebration of the potato!

Yes, it was built to look EXACTLY like an Idaho Spud, but this is not an actual oversized potato. Instead, this is a 28-foot long structure made from steel, plaster, and concrete, and unloaded on this land to be slept in!

It was created to celebrate the Idaho Potato Commission’s 75th anniversary – and I for one am hungry to celebrate!

I found this picture online, and located…

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