5 Simple Ways To Get Fit Without A Gym Membership

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Are you wanting to add more activity to your daily life but aren’t sure where to start?  My advice is to start with ONE small change each week and find movement you enjoy.  If you aren’t very active, making it a goal to do an intense workout every single day probably isn’t realistic, but starting with small things like a daily walk,  parking farther away from the store when shopping, or carrying a basket instead of pushing a cart in the grocery store can ease you into a more active way of life.   Here are some simple ways I’ve found to be helpful and enjoyable as I’ve tried to improve my fitness by adding more movement to my day.



A wonderful aerobic workout that helps with endurance and flexibility as well.  Another important benefit is that it aids with lymphatic circulation, which is key for our immune response and the transport of nutrients to our cells.  You can find small rebounders for around $30 here.

Planking on one of my favorite beaches in Oregon


What else would you expect from me?!  My goal is to start and end each day by planking.  Start small, even if you can only hold a plank for 5-10 seconds and focus on good form (keeping your core tight and body straight).  Aim to add 5 seconds every few days until you build up to holding the position for a total of 2 minutes.  Once you do that, you can add modifications like plank up-downs, plank jacks, side planks, etc.  Strengthening your core is key for a well-functioning body, avoiding injury, and pretty much every activity you’ll want to complete.

photography of woman listening to music


This can be so much fun to just let loose and not care how silly you look, whether you have a solo dance party or invite friends (this brings back memories of dorm room dance parties for me)!  Dancing is also a great stress reliever, and helps get your heart rate up without feeling like work!  If you want a little more intensity, give Dance Dance Revolution a try.   You can find it at most arcades or you can buy your own version – either way you’re guaranteed to work up a sweat while having fun.  You can also find plenty of free dance workouts on Amazon and YouTube.

man walking near body of water

Interval Walking

Walk at your fastest possible pace for 30-60 seconds, then return to a slower pace for 90 seconds of active recovery.  Alternate the fast and slow intervals until you reach a total of 20-30 minutes.   There is a misconception that interval training must be high-impact to provide health benefits, but that’s simply untrue.  Research published in the journal of PLOS Medicine found that walking a minimum of only 11 minutes a day can extend your lifespan by 2 years!  I’ll take it!

exercise equipment skipping rope gym sport

Jumping rope

This is my favorite accessory to bring with me when I travel.  It takes up so little space but packs a huge fitness punch in just a short time.  Not only is it a good cardio workout, but it’s also going to burn a lot of calories and improve your coordination.    Try this circuit workout to get started.

Tag #theplankingtraveler on your movement photos so I can follow along and encourage you in your successes each day!  I’ll share my favorites on my Instagram stories!

Bonus tip – this bodyweight training system can be easily thrown in a suitcase and taken with you wherever you go.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Only 11 minutes a day?! I have lost my motivation and saving to buy a house so can’t afford a gym membership right now. This really helps! Think I’m going to dig out the jump rope and restart!

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