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Goodwill Ambassadors Volleyball

As an avid volleyball player, I always looked for opportunities to play wherever I went on vacation, but never had the chance to be part of any organized play outside of the US.  A few years ago, I decided to see if there were any international volleyball opportunities out there.  I didn’t have to search long before I found a tour that sounded like the perfect fit.    After a few weeks, I decided to take the plunge and send in my application for my first trip with Goodwill Ambassadors Volleyball Tours! They have adult tours to Italy and to Rio, Brazil (They also have Juniors tours to London/Paris/Barcelona, Italy and Rio) – I opted for Italy because it was always high on my bucket list.  My only prior exposure to Europe was on my first solo trip to visit a friend in Dublin, so I was thrilled to be going back.   It seemed like forever until July arrived and it was time to embark on my adventure, but the day finally came where we were all to meet up in the Chicago O’Hare airport before we all boarded the same flight to Italy.  I had no idea how many people would be in our group or who they were, but we were supposed to wear our Goodwill Ambassadors t-shirts and backpacks so that we could easily spot each other in the airport (the white Italy t-shirt below)


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