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5 Ways To Stay Active At A Desk Job

You’ve probably heard that sitting is the new smoking, but does that mean all of us with desk jobs are doomed?  Not if we play our cards right.   For several years, I skipped lunches and rarely got up for any other breaks during the busy season at work, feeling chained to my desk because of all that I had to get done.  Sadly, I’m sure many of you can identify with my experience.  After I got married, I started to realize that no work responsibilities were more important than my health.   This was my fault for not prioritizing movement throughout the day.  It’s easy to blame your employer for a heavy workload or long hours, but ultimately it’s up to you to set boundaries and be your own advocate to put your health first.   If you’re a current or former DJ like me (that’s desk junkie), try incorporating some of the below strategies into your workday to sit less and improve your health. Continue reading “5 Ways To Stay Active At A Desk Job”

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Small Business Spotlight – The Cycle Loft Greensboro

This month I had the opportunity to try a HIIT class (that’s high-intensity interval training) at The Cycle Loft here in Greensboro.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to the Chipotle right below it and didn’t even realize what was above me.  Serves as a good reminder to keep my eyes off my phone and on the world around me!

First impression:  I loved the calming and inviting interior.  The decor is perfect and made me want to stay and chill for a while after the class.  There are changing rooms, ample space to store your belongings and a nice seating area as well, as you can see below.  Water bottles are available for purchase, or there is a filtered water cooler upstairs as well. Continue reading “Small Business Spotlight – The Cycle Loft Greensboro”

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Relieve Tax Season Tension at Planet Fitness

Need some R&R after a stressful few weeks of wading through tax documents? Didn’t get much of a refund or maybe you owed this year?   A gym may not be the first image that pops into your head when you think about relaxation, but Planet Fitness isn’t your typical gym.  Here’s why I’m hooked:


Continue reading “Relieve Tax Season Tension at Planet Fitness”

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How To Monetize Your Movement


To celebrate April, also known as Move More Month, I’m excited to share with you several ways you can find motivation for your daily activity!  Movement in and of itself has many intrinsic rewards both for physical and mental health, but we learned all about those benefits back in P.E. class – let’s talk about something slightly more enticing: money.    If you’re like me, a lot of days you just don’t feel like being active, even though you know it’s good for you.   Too many other responsibilities and pleasures vie for your attention, so what’s going to keep you active day after day, week after week?  For me, it’s been the ability to monetize my physical activity and the feeling that I’m “multi-tasking” while I walk, run, bike, play a sport, etc. Continue reading “How To Monetize Your Movement”