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Skydiving – A Fearful Flyer’s Tale

As someone who has a major fear of flying, the idea of skydiving never appealed to me.  Though I’ve taken hundreds of flights over the years, I still get nervous each and every time there’s turbulence, so the thought of hurling myself out of a plane made my palms sweat.  If I had given myself time to think about it, I definitely would have backed out, but last year I planned an impromptu birthday trip to the Virginia Skydiving Center for my husband, Gabe.  I figured I’d share my experience for those of you who are considering skydiving for the first time.  Many people have this on their adrenaline junky bucket list with no fear and only excitement, but I was not one of those people. Continue reading “Skydiving – A Fearful Flyer’s Tale”