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Five Tools To Keep You Healthy and Fit On The Go

Whether you travel every day for business or you’re a weekend road trip warrior, you’ve likely realized that staying healthy on the go can be quite challenging.  I previously had the mindset that I’d start to take care of my body and focus on my nutrition and fitness AFTER a whole host of things –  my next vacation, upcoming food-indulgent holiday, family gathering, social event, etc.  It wasn’t until several trips and holidays were ruined by my own sickness that I began to see my perspective was flawed.

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On our recent trip to the Baltics, I made it a point to focus more on taking care of my body with various kinds of daily movement and nutrient dense meals/snacks along with a few supplements.  It was refreshing to have the energy to see and do so much more in each place we visited when my body was functioning at its peak, and surprisingly simple to make those few needed changes to my routine.  Things like staying hydrated and walking/biking instead of driving might already be on your radar, but here are some additional tools that have helped to support my health and fitness on my recent journeys.  I hope you find them useful!

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Bodyweight/HIIT workouts   Having a variety of workouts you can perform whether or not you have access to a gym is a key way to eliminate obstacles and allow you to challenge yourself with new movements.  I am a big fan of the Monkii Adventure Kit that takes up very little space and offers over 100 workout possibilities.  Other ideas that don’t take up much space – a jump rope and any type of resistance bands.   I like using the bands to help me stretch during layovers or on long flights and a jump rope is great for HIIT style cardio.  Whether or not you opt to pack any bands or a jump rope, this app will guide you through short HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts that don’t require any equipment.  My favorite is, of course, holding a plank in as many places as possible!


Activated Charcoal Pills –   Always have these with you when you travel.  Trust me on this one, your body will thank you.  Unfamiliar food and water can wreak havoc on a normally iron stomach.  I have been so thankful for these pills several times when I’ve gotten food poisoning or just had an upset stomach from eating new types of food.  They do a great job of absorbing toxins in your system, helping you detox and eliminate them, and getting your digestive system back on track quickly.


Healthy snacks – I like to bring at least a few non-perishable snacks from home to keep me from starving.  Though a lot of airports are starting to carry more healthy food, the prices are still outrageous and airplane meals are usually loaded with artificial preservatives and other junk.    Some of my favorite snacks to bring are EPIC Bars (jerky and fruit/nut) , Kalahari Biltong (air-dried beef with no sugar) , Veggie-Go’s, raw nuts/trail mix, Lily’s chocolate bars(sugar free), and Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil travel packets to use as a dressing for salads.

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Adaptogens –   You’ve probably heard or seen this buzzword, but have you wondered what adaptogens really do? They are made of a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and herbs that modulate your response to both toxins and emotional stressors in a changing environment (source:    Check out this overview to determine which adaptogen might be the best fit for your needs – they will quickly become your favorite travel companion for their ability to help your body adjust to new environments and stressors (flight anxiety, anyone?).   I really enjoy using the Green Juice Superfood powder from Organifi which includes Ashwagandha.   It comes in individual packets which are perfect to throw in your bag when you’re traveling.  You can use my code (EMILYADAMS15) to receive 15% off your order at Organifi.


Blue light blocking glasses –  Exposure to blue light has many negative consequences, but the one most relevant to travel : sleep.   Blue light from phones, TV screens, alarm clocks, and even kitchen/bathroom lights basically tricks your body into thinking it is daytime so it won’t produce as much Melatonin (which regulates our sleep cycles). Wearing blue-light blocking glasses on long plane rides (when you’re watching movies, on your phone a lot, or playing games) will both protect your eyes and help to keep your body clock in a normal rhythm.  

Note – I’m still learning to follow my own suggestions in these areas.  This past weekend, I overindulged on sugar and junk while on a road trip and my body is still paying the price.  Be encouraged that we’re all a work in progress when it comes to embracing health as a lifestyle and no one has it all together!  It’s all about making small improvements each day.

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What’s been your biggest challenge when trying to stay healthy on the go?  What’s been your biggest success?  I’d love to hear your experiences.  Thanks so much for reading!



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