Weekly Planking Challenge

You might be wondering how I came up with the name of my site – what’s this planking thing about?  Well, I’ve always “enjoyed” planking more than other core exercises and used to organize afternoon plank breaks in my office to challenge myself and my co-workers not to be tied to our desks all day.   In 2017, I was exploring Oregon with my friend and volleyball partner, Terri, and we decided it’d be fun to take some planking pictures at Crater Lake.

It was a fun way to add a little fitness to each day, and we started making it a point to plank in each new city or unique landmark that we visited.  The planks added some nice variety to our selfies and awkward poses.   I’ve carried on our tradition and now try to plank in each new city I visit (thankfully my husband humors me and serves as my photographer most of the time).  Ultimately, when I plank, my goal is to show everyone that fitness should be enjoyable, not guilt-based and doesn’t have to be something time-consuming or overwhelming.  It’s also fun seeing others laugh at me when planking at tourist attractions!


My own experience (and failures) have taught me that staying fit centers around a daily commitment to movement, so whether you choose to plank, do squats, run, walk, hike, swim, bike, do pushups, burpees or any other exercise, your consistency WILL pay off!

Are you ready to start building your core strength?  I’d love for you to join my FREE weekly planking challenge here!  We focus on a different plank variation each Wednesday to keep it interesting and tone up our abs.  Whether you can hold a plank for 10 seconds or 10 minutes, this is for you.  Be sure to post pictures of your most interesting and/or awkward planks and tag #plankingtraveler.  Each tagged picture gets you one entry into my monthly wellness giveaway!