The 7 Types Of People You Meet On A Cruise

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People watching on a floating resort can be even more entertaining than at an airport. After recently completing my fourth Carnival cruise, I compiled a list of who you can expect to encounter and how to spot each type in their natural habitat!

Our Cruise Director, Chris Salazar AKA Donkey (Waldo photobombed us)

Been There, Done That

They take great pleasure in telling everyone how they’ve already been to the ports you’re about to see at least 10 times and often offer unsolicited advice about anything and everything. To find them, look for anyone shamelessly flaunting their VIP cards with lanyards. Once in a while, you’ll run into seasoned cruisers who aren’t braggarts and actually offer you helpful advice without a side of “I’m better than you.” Hug them and keep them close, as they’re one of the best kind of new friends you can make on the ship!

The Adventurers

These people will be at all the scavenger hunts, waterslides and sporting events on board and will opt for the most adrenaline-pumping excursions like rappelling down waterfalls and flyboarding. They will often be in the fitness center or randomly doing squats on the stairs. You can spot them by the GoPro they’ll likely have attached to some part of their body at all times.

Spring Breakers

It may not be Spring (and school may be a distant memory) but in their minds, they’re on Spring Break and not afraid to let loose! They will always have a drink in hand and you can find them at all the deck parties, singing drunk karaoke, twerking and laughing loudly at everything. Highly entertaining, but slightly annoying when they beat you at trivia even while drunk.

Already Over It

Typically these are families with screaming children who are clearly regretting their decision to travel together. You can find them looking tired, annoyed, and yelling at their children. To help them out, let them know about childcare options on the ship and direct them to the adults-only deck where they can relax for a while with a few cold beverages.

Never Leave The Ship

These folks are all about chilling in the pools and hot tubs, enjoying the 24/7 pizza, reading on the deck, playing in the casino, and drinking all day long. They like to have free reign on the ship when it’s much emptier with everyone out at port, and who can blame them?! They’ll be easy to spot with either awesome tans or lobster red bodies from laying out all day!

The First Time Cruisers

Often on their Honeyfund honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary, they’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and it’s so fun to watch them joyfully experience every first. They’ll have selfie sticks handy and will gladly pose for all the cheesy ship backgrounds at elegant night. They’ll often be chosen for the game shows and the newlywed game. You can find them by their huge smiles and/or the 5 suitcases they packed for 2 people.

The Crew

Whether it’s the housekeeping crew, bar staff, dining room staff, the cruise director, or any of the special activities staff, they are all SO friendly and kind! We loved getting to know our dedicated staff from so many different countries. Our housekeeping leader was from Dominica, the Captain was from Italy, volleyball referee was from Bosnia, the cruise director from Australia and the shopping director from the UK. Noticing a trend? Ethnic diversity! They work incredibly tough schedules, often 12 hour days with only one day off every few weeks, and often stay out on the ship for 6-8 months at a time. Be sure to take the time to get to know them. Hands down, this has been my favorite category of people I’ve met on each cruise!

Our awesome dining staff on the Carnival Breeze – Tatianna from Ukraine, Budi from Indonesia, and Eric from The Philippines

What’s your favorite type of person to meet on a cruise, or just when traveling in general?

Thanks for reading. Be sure to let me know any categories I missed in the comments below!


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  1. I would be in the First TIme Cruisers category… but this list definitely makes me feel a bit more prepared for when I finally get to board! Thanks for sharing . . .


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