Join Me In The Alphabet Gratitude Game

Today is World Gratitude Day. During the turmoil that this year has brought, something that has really helped me focus on the positives is using a gratitude journal. No matter how small or trivial, each day I write down something I’m thankful for. On days when nothing seems to be going right and the discouragement creeps in, it is a huge help to look back through the things that have brought me joy. Below are a few positive outcomes I’ve personally noticed this year.

  • A great reminder about how important it is to prioritize health, nutrition, and physical activity to help my body be resilient against anything I might encounter. Though COVID might be over soon, there will always be bugs and viruses in the world, so it is important to focus on holistic health and bolstering our immune systems to put us in the best position possible to avoid sickness and disease. Health is a journey and it may take a while to reach your goals, but take comfort in the fact that each small step you take in the right direction is not in vain!
  • The ability to connect and re-connect with others through technology. I was able to be part of a Bible study led by my coworkers via Zoom that I never could have joined if everyone wasn’t working from home. I’ve worked from home for several years, but when everyone else started to as well, it made collaboration and interaction a lot easier because we were all in the same boat.
  • Seeing places in the US that I probably wouldn’t have explored if there were no international travel restrictions. This year has been a huge wake-up call to never take the ability to travel for granted and to treasure every new experience, whether it’s in your own city, state or across the US. Strangely enough, I found that my flight anxiety when in the air during COVID was less than the last time I flew, so I’m incredibly grateful for that! Quite unexpected.

Want to join me in playing the alphabet gratitude game? Start by commenting something starting with an A that you’re grateful for and others will continue until we get to Z. I’d love to hear from you!


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