Reduce Your Pup’s Carbon Pawprint With Chippin Dog Treats

Cricket protein, spirulina, and silver carp – you might be wondering what those 3 things have in common, right? They are some of the main powerhouse ingredients in Chippin Dog Treats and Food!

I always look for treats and dog food that contain wholesome ingredients, but it can be challenging to find treats that aren’t filled with junk!

I was not too familiar with cricket protein before discovering the Chippin brand, but did you know that it takes only 1 gallon of water to produce cricket protein, but 2000 gallons of water to produce beef protein?! Yikes! I also love that the cricket protein is hypoallergenic, antibiotic-free, and human-grade along with being high in chitin, which can help with digestive health.

When it comes to spirulina, I am familiar with it because I’ve consumed it often for its rich antioxidant profile, but hadn’t thought about giving it to my pup! I love that the spirulina in Chippin is over 55% protein and does not contain pesticides.

My husband is a fisherman, so he’s familiar with silver carp, but I didn’t realize it was such an overpopulated fish. Thanks to Chippin, I learned that fishing for carp helps to restore the wildlife biodiversity and protect the Great Lakes. Not only is using this fish good for the environment, it’s also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and more digestible than chicken! In case you didn’t know, chicken is a very common food intolerance in dogs.

I appreciate the transparency of Chippin in their production as they partner with family farmers they know and trust in the USA. All of their products consume 80% fewer resources than the status quo options and they craft each recipe with board-certified veterinary nutritionists and PhDs – how awesome is that?! I feel great about giving my dog Sasha these treats with nutritious ingredients like kale, flaxseed, blueberry, and banana.

The real question is, does my dog like the treats and food? She can be a picky eater, but she did not hesitate to gobble down both the treats and the dog food – she loves them all and I love that I can feel good about the ingredients she’s eating. If you’re looking for high-quality, nutritious, and delicious options for your dog, definitely try Chippin and support a wonderful woman-owned, sustainable company that will help reduce your pup’s carbon pawprint! Chippin is certified plastic neutral, meaning they remove as much as plastic from the environment as they use throughout the entire supply chain.

Note: I received samples of these treats for review, but note that all opinions are based on my own honest experience with seeing my pup’s enjoyment of Chippin.

What do you think? Have you tried cricket protein treats/food for your dog? Will you give them a try? You can get your own here!

Thanks for reading!


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