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10 Ways We Save Money For Travel

Travel can be costly, but in reality, it’s all about what you choose to prioritize.  I know it’s cliche, but if you skipped a daily Starbucks (or for me, a Kombucha), how much could you save in 6 months? Almost $600!  That’s more than enough for a ticket to Europe if you’re savvy!

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Lessons From Mr. Wonderful


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This week I had the opportunity to attend the Make Money Like A Boss seminar featuring Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary.  If you’re not familiar with him, he’s one of the shrewd investors on ABC’s Shark Tank – more specifically, the one everyone loves to hate because of his royalty deals.  I only went because 1) It was free (thanks to a friend inviting me) and 2) I was curious to see Kevin in person and find out if he was as cold-hearted as the show portrays (he actually seemed quite nice in person). Continue reading “Lessons From Mr. Wonderful”


3 Apps That Reward You For Taking Pictures

Tired of hearing about Ibotta?   Me too.  Don’t worry, that’s not on my list of apps!  When it comes to saving money (usually for travel), I always look for the quickest and easiest ways to be rewarded.  It’s hard to get much easier than taking some quick pictures of your receipts, right?  These are the three apps that I’ve earned the most from, so I hope you have the same experience! Continue reading “3 Apps That Reward You For Taking Pictures”


7 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas + 1 Cliché

Attention Procrastinators:  This is for you.  I’m definitely not judging; sometimes these important days just sneak up on you and you need to find something meaningful really quickly, so here are a few suggestions for you!

Organic Skin Care from Desert Essence.  I love this company’s non-toxic personal care products and the Mother in your life will too, knowing the ingredients are safe (and they smell great too!)

Desert Essence Skin Care Regimen

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Relieve Tax Season Tension at Planet Fitness

Need some R&R after a stressful few weeks of wading through tax documents? Didn’t get much of a refund or maybe you owed this year?   A gym may not be the first image that pops into your head when you think about relaxation, but Planet Fitness isn’t your typical gym.  Here’s why I’m hooked:


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How To Monetize Your Movement


To celebrate April, also known as Move More Month, I’m excited to share with you several ways you can find motivation for your daily activity!  Movement in and of itself has many intrinsic rewards both for physical and mental health, but we learned all about those benefits back in P.E. class – let’s talk about something slightly more enticing: money.    If you’re like me, a lot of days you just don’t feel like being active, even though you know it’s good for you.   Too many other responsibilities and pleasures vie for your attention, so what’s going to keep you active day after day, week after week?  For me, it’s been the ability to monetize my physical activity and the feeling that I’m “multi-tasking” while I walk, run, bike, play a sport, etc. Continue reading “How To Monetize Your Movement”


I Can’t Afford To Eat Healthy

That's it.

Though I think we all want to consume food that is good for us, it’s a real struggle to afford fresh, clean ingredients.  It’s a sad reflection on our society that fast food and processed foods are generally so much cheaper than buying fresh and healthy food.   Speaking of cost, let’s talk about Whole Foods aka Whole Paycheck for a minute.  First, I want to be clear that I’m thankful they exist and provide the products that they do.   I certainly don’t do the majority of my shopping there, but I do buy certain items there because I can’t find them at Aldi, Lidl or other budget stores near me.  In the past I reluctantly made my necessary purchases at Whole Foods, feeling dejected after spending almost $100 for only a few specialty items. Continue reading “I Can’t Afford To Eat Healthy”