Free Fitness


I’ve never been someone that has enjoyed working out in a traditional gym or being tied to annual contracts.  Whether traveling or at home, I love outdoor workouts and using whatever setting I’m in to find ways to make my body stronger and challenge myself.  Lately, I’ve been going to a weekly community workout (Freefitsboro) which is part of a global free fitness movement called November Project.  Check their site to find a location near you!   I also attend workouts with another free fitness organization called Females in Action, which has locations in 8 states – F3 is the equivalent for men.  There are also plenty of Meetup groups that hold weekly hikes, walks in the park, and community fitness classes.  You will be surprised at the variety you can find when you search for free fitness near you!

If you prefer more traditional indoor fitness, definitely look into places like 9 Round (first class is free – 30 minute, kick-boxing focus), Burn Boot Camp (first 2 weeks are free – high intensity classes for females), OrangeTheory (first class is free – HIIT, based on heart rate) and CrossFit (some offer free community workouts or first class free – functional movements, a lot of emphasis on strength/heavy lifting).  Another great option is Planet Fitness – my husband is a Black Card member there, which means that he can bring a guest for free as many times as he’d like, so I often go with him on days that it’s raining or too cold to workout outside.  I love that we also get to end our workouts in their massage chairs.  You can read more about that here!  Please contact me for ideas or if you would like help finding free fitness opportunities in your area!