The Best Places To Get Bubble Tea In Greensboro, North Carolina

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Are you looking for the best boba (bubble tea) near Greensboro or High Point, North Carolina?  Over the past few years since I’ve moved to North Carolina, I’ve kissed a lot of boba frogs and have only found a few princes that I can recommend without reservations.  Here are my favorites, in no particular order.


Kung Fu Tea

This is a popular chain with locations in the US, Canada, Australia and a few parts of Asia.ย  This addition to the Triad’s bubble tea scene opened in late 2019 in High Point’s Palladium area.ย  This is a great choice if you are newer to bubble tea scene as they have a lot of different options – slushes, punch, green tea, black tea, milk cap, yogurt, and espresso with both hot and cold options.ย  I also love that you can customize the sugar level and they have the option to use lactose-free milk for those who have sensitivities.ย 

My personal favorite is the black milk tea with milk cap or the WOW (lactose-free) oreo milk strike (of course both with boba as they have the BEST textured boba in my opinion).  This particular location also includes Ninja Cafe which offers delicious sushi burritos and poke bowls that pair perfectly with your boba.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook as they often run specials.


Van Loi II

This is a Vietnamese restaurant that we came to first for their authentic selection of food and got to try their amazing boba tea as a bonus.  This restaurant is located on West Gate City Blvd in Greensboro right near La Super Michoacana.  My husband and I both love getting their avocado fruit smoothie with boba.  It’s incredibly creamy, and they use fresh avocado, unlike many places that use powdered flavoring.  If you’ve never tried avocado bubble tea before, don’t knock it until you try it. 

It may sound a little odd, but when the avocado is prepared this way with some sweetness, it’s such a wonderful savory treat!  They top it with whipped cream and it’s the perfect snack or dessert to cool your palate, especially after a spicy meal there.  They also have regular boba tea if you don’t want a smoothie consistency, so you can try Taro, Mango, Coconut, Thai Tea, Honey Dew, and several other flavors.


Master Tea

This is a lively hang-out for bubble tea that also has a few food options as well.  My favorite is the classic milk boba tea with milk cap and my husband’s pick is the avocado smoothie with boba.  We have tried the food once or twice but would definitely recommend getting the tea here over the food.  Master Tea is located on West Market St in Greensboro right next to the Super G market and directly next to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in town, Hometown Delicious. 

It has a bright and cheerful vibe with pop music playing, plenty of fun decorations and areas to play board games and write on their giant chalkboard.  They also have a fun mural of wings outside to get all your photos for the ‘gram!  If you have a boba lover in your life, they also let you purchase gift cards.

Boba House

This is a vegetarian restaurant with Vietnamese and Thai influences located on Tate St near UNC Greensboro.  We usually get their avocado bubble tea and enjoy how fresh it is, but I’ve also tried their lychee and mango flavors which were good as well.  They have several options for tea that can be made vegan as well.  Their bubble tea is not as sweet as some others, so that could be good or bad depending on your palate.

For me, that’s a good thing because I don’t like overly sweet drinks.  Though we have not tried their food, we have heard great things about it from others.  I like their emphasis on thoughtfully made food that is fresh.


Moshi Moshi Boba Cafe

This cafe recently opened on Spring Garden near Hops Burger Bar and they have such a cute layout inside.  They offer smoothies, slushes, bubble waffles and rolled ice cream among other things!  Being close to UNCG, I’m sure they will have a lot of traffic from students.  I tried their Mud Slide Milk Tea with brown sugar and it was delicious.  I’ll definitely be back to try more of their creations soon!  I love the artwork on the walls showcasing their drinks.


Tik Tok Snow & Tea

This spot opened in June of 2020 and has arguably the best avocado smoothie with boba in the Triad.  The use of fresh avocado is key, and the boba is always freshly made and melts in your mouth.  They have a huge range of smoothie options (with unique choices like Durian and Jackfruit), as well as fruit teas and mangonadas. The aesthetic here is similar to Moshi Moshi and Master Tea, catering to the influencer crowd looking for cute backdrops for the ‘gram.  It’s about a minute’s walk from Banh Mi Saigon Bakery, so definitely be sure to grab one of their delicious sandwiches if you go.

Pika Tea

This latest addition to the scene opened in December of 2020 and is located at 1622 Stanley Rd across from Kabuto Steakhouse. They seem to be working out some training kinks as the wait times were a little long for the boba, but the flavor was good. So far I’ve tried the avocado smoothie and the black tea with cheese foam topping. I found their sweetness level to be lower than other places I’ve tried, but that could be good or bad depending on your preference. They have a cute interior with a cactus theme and hand sanitizer on each table.

What’s your favorite flavor of boba tea?  Do you know of other spots I should check out in the Triad?  Share in the comments!

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  1. Omg I grew up in High Point and I just got back from the holidays. If I only knew there were some great bubble tea places, I would have totally gone ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


  2. I love the new layout to your website Emily! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you believe I’ve never tried bubble tea? It’s always intrigued me, but I’ve been afraid of the texture. Can you have bubble tea without the bubbles? ๐Ÿ™‚

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