Zen Clipper Demo and Review

Happy National Pet Day!  Do you take your pet to a professional because you worry you’ll cut too much of the nail and hurt them?  This was exactly why I took Sasha to the groomer each month, but was so thankful to find the Zen Clipper as it only allows you to cut the tip of the nail and not approach the quick.  They are also sharp enough that you can clip each nail quickly without scaring your fur baby – I finished all of hers in less than 5 minutes.
They make a variety of sizes to use on dogs, birds, reptiles and small animals like ferrets and rabbits.  Be sure to use the sizing guide on their website to determine the right one for your pet.  For Sasha (our 50 pound cattle dog mix), we got size 7 (5mm hole) and it was the perfect fit.  For the cost of 2 visits to the groomer or pet store, you can easily take care of your fur baby’s nails at home.  A good investment if you ask me.  Two paws up for this one!

I hope you enjoyed our demo video.  Let me know what you think if you give these a try!



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