10 Unconventional Ways To Save Money (That Don’t Involve Ibotta)

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I look at finding creative ways to save money as a challenge and enjoy finding new avenues for this.  Some things I consider to be conventional (yet effective) ways of saving include shopping at thrift stores, using coupons, and canceling cable.  Nothing against Ibotta either (I use the app), but I feel like it’s been sufficiently promoted in most other money-saving posts 🙂   Here are a few strategies that may not be on your radar yet.  

onne-beauty-bXfGnlaNuM0-unsplashGym Amenities

If you’re already paying for a gym membership, you might as well make use of the facility’s showers after working out instead of showering at home.  If you take even half of your weekly showers at the gym, you can save a decent amount on utilities.  Also, ask your health insurance company or your employer if they offer gym membership discounts and/or reimbursement.  This is becoming more common as employers and insurance carriers are encouraging physical activity.

Rent out your car with Turo

This platform allows you to list your car to be rented (or rent cars yourself).  If you work primarily from home, travel for long periods of time when you don’t need your car or use public transport for your commute, this could be a great way to put some extra cash in your pocket.

fitnish-media-KdxBqYqTn9E-unsplashUse a shampoo bar

Great for travel, shampoo bars save you space AND money by serving as soap and shampoo all in one.  This is one of my favorites.  I love products that have multiple uses, so discovering the shampoo bar has been able to save me money and simplify my shower routine.

Utilize free fitness opportunities

I love that so many organizations exist that allow you to work out without needing a gym membership.  November Project has locations around the world and Females in Action (for females) and F3 (for males) have locations around the United States.  I have participated in multiple November Project workouts and also in Females in Action and both have a wonderful, encouraging community!


Take advantage of this site.  There is a section where people are giving FREE things away (This is how we got our kitchen table), a bartering section where you can trade items or services instead of exchanging money, and also a ride share area where you can find ways to car pool or share rides when going long distances.  As with any site, please use caution when meeting up with those you do not know and never meet up alone.

Water Filters

Using a water filter instead of buying single-use bottled water is not only better for the environment, but will also save you money.  Our favorite pitcher filter is from Zero Water and for larger, gravity filters, we like the Big Berkey.

vitaly-taranov-OCrPJce6GPk-unsplashCash Only

If you’re prone to impulse buys when shopping, one strategy that can help is to ONLY bring the amount of cash you will need to buy what is on your list.  Remove your credit cards from your wallet or purse before shopping to take away the temptation to buy unnecessary things.

Utilize Freebie Sites

Follow sites like Freebie Shark and Pinch Me to receive opportunities for large discounts, free samples and even free food.  Just last week we got a free pizza from Hungry Howie’s thanks to Freebie Shark.

Mystery Shopping

I have performed multiple mystery shops for everything from restaurants to grocery shopping to car test drives.   If you’re detail oriented it’s a good way to help evaluate businesses and earn some extra cash.  You can find out more about the companies I use and recommend here.


Take advantage of subscriptions for products you buy at regular intervals.  Some examples are using Chewy for getting dog food delivered (they offer free shipping over $49 and 5-10% off for using the subscription service).  Amazon also offers subscription discounts of up to 15% on certain products you want to receive regularly.  Worth looking into!

What are your favorite ways to save money?  Let me know in the comments.

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While we’re on the topic of saving money, be sure to check out these great Black Friday deals.



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