Travel Tuesday News

So many things are constantly changing in the travel sector right now. Here are a few highlights that may be of interest!


The CDC’s No Sail Order was extended until 10/31, so the future of cruising is up in the air right now. Even with the uncertainty, it’s nice to see cruise lines pivoting to prepare for a return to the seas. Royal Caribbean is rolling out an option for a digital muster drill in their app. If you’ve ever had to sit through one of the safety drills on a cruise, you will understand why this is such good news. You can review the safety information at your leisure (before the ship sails) and stay socially distanced instead of being crammed into those auditoriums with other bored passengers. Now this is a change that I hope sticks around for a LONG time!

Love is Not Tourism

If you haven’t seen this hashtag, it’s definitely something that’s important to check out. So many loved ones are still being kept apart by COVID rules. You can sign the petition here to urge leaders to relax the rules so that loved ones can be reunited.

Airport COVID Tests

More and more airports are rolling these out for trial periods. United was the first airline to offer these, and many others are now following suit. They realize most people simply do not have enough vacation time to be able to quarantine anywhere for 14 days, so the hope is that those willing to be tested within 72 hours of departure can present the negative test instead of needing to quarantine. Hawaii is looking at reopening on October 15th thanks to this method.

COVID Sniffing Dogs

Being a dog lover, this caught my eye immediately. There is no interaction with the dog though. At the Helsinki and Dubai airport where this is being rolled out, people will have their skin swabbed, and then the swab is presented to the dog to determine if they detect the scent of COVID. Apparently the dogs have been able to detect the presence of the virus with incredible accuracy and it takes less than a minute for them to complete this. One more reason dogs are amazing!

Hotel Deals Near National Parks

National Parks continue to be incredibly popular this year and major hotel chains are offering some nice promotions, like these deals from Marriott. Check out our video diary from our recent National Parks trip to Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Montana and Idaho. Our favorite affordable hotel on that trip was the Majestic View Lodge outside of Zion National Park.

Deep Discounts On Flights

We scored great deals on our recent flights, and it looks like the cheap flights will continue at least a little longer. Spirit Airlines is offering Fall flights for $38 one-way if booked by October 9th, so don’t put off booking if you’re interested! On a sad note, you may have heard the news about the huge wave of United and American airline layoffs last week. There are talks of a stimulus package, but it’s still unclear as to whether that will happen. Southwest is talking about potential pay cuts to avoid layoffs.

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Should I keep this as a weekly series? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!



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