Fitness Motivation – 52 Hike Challenge

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How would you like to go on a year long journey that will change your life in a positive way? From bonding with friends and family/furry friends, making new connections, building confidence, increasing physical fitness, relieving stress, disconnecting from technology, and exploring a whole host of beautiful new places, the benefits are endless!

The goal is simple, sign up and commit to a hike a week. That’s it! It doesn’t even have to be in a park or on a trail – find a spot that works for you, be it a local greenway, walking track, or forest. Best of all it’s FREE to join. Sign up and learn more at

Gyms may be closed in your area, or may be requiring masks to workout (like mine is), but the outdoors is a great free option to get some physical activity in and disconnect from the daily grind at the same time.

The ask is simple, the challenge is persistence – make it a goal to get outdoors a minimum of once per week for the next year! You can start any month of the year, but January is an ideal time to set your intention for the upcoming year. Think of all the places you can explore by making THIS your year of adventure!

What do you think? Are you up for the challenge? Sign up here and follow along on Hiking the Southeast for inspiration on great places to hike! Be sure to tag #52hikechallenge so we can follow along with your hiking adventures.

Also be sure to enter the 52HikeChallenge New Year’s Giveaway for the chance to win great prizes like a $100 REI gift card and more. Enter HERE!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned later this month when I’ll be sharing about our first hike of the year where we saw some beautiful waterfalls and a bunch of wild ponies!


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