Medical Freedom Resources & Early Treatment Options For COVID

Note: this is not medical advice and you should discuss any treatment with your healthcare provider.

If you follow me on Instagram, you no doubt already know I’m a strong advocate for medical freedom and bodily autonomy. These topics have become quite polarizing this year as we’ve all seen. I have family and friends who have chosen to get the vaccine and also others that have chosen not to get it; I firmly support each person’s right to make the choice that is best for them. Two individuals may come to a different decision on this issue based on their age, risk factors, medical history, religious beliefs, and many other factors, and they should absolutely have the right to CHOOSE without coercion or fear of losing their livelihood.

You probably know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you know it’s also Vaccine Injury Awareness Month? Do you know someone who has been injured by a vaccine? I do personally, and it’s heartbreaking. You may have heard of more high-profile instances of vaccine injury recently, like NBA player Brandon Goodwin. Others in the NBA like Kyrie Irving and Jonathan Isaac are fighting the mandates as well. Kait Endres is another story that’s worth listening to – there are so many stories out there, but they are being silenced.

Did you know there is a US reporting database for adverse reactions to vaccines that is updated weekly? Prior to 2020, I was unfamiliar with this. Doctors and individuals who experience adverse events (and their family members) have the ability to file reports on this site. This gives a simplified breakdown of the data as it’s somewhat complicated to pull a report from VAERS. Sadly, it’s estimated that only 1-10% of actual adverse events are reported on this database. UK reports can be found here.

It’s time to abandon the one size fits all approach to health (vaccine mandates for all) that is being pushed so heavily and to realize that where there is risk, there must be choice. Regardless of your decision on the vaccine, I believe the most important thing that you can do for your health is to live an active lifestyle and optimize your nutrition. Vaccine immunity wanes after about 6 months as we’ve seen from the data coming out of Israel and now the US, so we can’t continue to look at any shot as a panacea and ignore long term health and co-morbidities. Also, did you know the CDC stopped tracking breakthrough cases in May of 2021, unless they were severe? Because of this, we really don’t even have accurate data on just how many vaccinated individuals are still getting COVID.

Get in movement daily, get sufficient Vitamin D, eat whole foods and plenty of greens, optimize your sleep, and most of all, don’t live in fear. We don’t hear much at all about these things because they do take time (and they don’t make corporations money), but each day you can take small steps that will improve your health.

Did you know you that exercise can help to prevent severe COVID? It requires commitment, but it’s worth it and I believe focusing on nutrition and exercise will be what enables us to live through this pandemic and the next, as viruses will always co-exist with us. If you’d like support in making small healthy changes, you can join my free Facebook Group where I share recipes, tips for getting in movement you’ll enjoy, free fitness ideas, nutrition tips, and helpful supplements.

I also want to share some resources here for those of you interested in learning more about medical freedom and effective early treatment for COVID. For those of you facing a decision to either get the vaccine or lose your job, I want you to know you are not alone and that you DO have other options. I will be updating this list regularly as I learn more.

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Antibody Testing


Harris Teeter


Call To Action

Comment on the OSHA consideration of expanding vaccine mandate to ALL employers regardless of size!

Early COVID Treatments

Zelenko Protocol

Oral/Nasal Hygiene

Find Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

I-Mask + Protocol

MATH+ Protocol

Aggregate Protocol List

Clinical Trial on Ivermectin

Real Time Studies On Efficacy of Early Treatments

Life-Saving COVID protocols

Effective Amino Acid Treatment

Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide – demonstration of how to set this up

Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide – research on the effect on COVID

Doris Loh Protocol

How to be prepared before you or a loved one is admitted to the hospital

Early Treatment Report


Vaccine Education

COG for Life

Dissolving Illusions


Atilis Gym

Free Fitness

Insurance Alternative

Health Possible

Job Boards

Red Balloon

No Vax Mandate

Jobs Not Jabs

Businesses That Support Medical Freedom

Liberty Counsel

Mandates Toolbox

Know Your Rights


Freedom Keepers United

Heal NC

Liberty Alliance

NC Freedom Keepers

SC Freedom Keepers

PA Freedom Keepers

We Want To Be Heard – Post COVID Vaccine Stories

The Testimonies Project

Vax Reactions

Real Not Rare


Chris Stigall

The Model Health Show

Steve Deace

Ron Paul’s Liberty Report

2 Citizen Moms

Dr. Tyna


Impact of Vitamin D Levels on COVID outcomes

Blood Type and COVID outcomes


Directory of Doctors Prescribing Outpatient COVID Therapy

Push Health – online consultations for Ivermectin (I got mine from this site)

Honeybee Health – mail order prescriptions (I got mine from this site)

Seven Cells – use code DEACE for a discount

My Free Doctor

Religious Exemption Forms

No Vax Mandate Template

Gab Forms

Toto Template

Yoder Template


Risk of miscarriage for pregnant women who get the vaccine

Natural Immunity vs. Vaccine

India home Ivermectin kits

Probiotics and COVID

Yogurt to mitigate the effects of COVID

Absolute vs. Relative Risk Reduction


North Carolina




Freedom Travel Alliance

US Freedom Flyers

Petition To Stop Vaccine Mandates to Fly


New Saint Andrews College

Universities Mandating Vaccines

Vaccine Detox

Blaylock protocol

Gut Health and Elimination Pathway Support

Vaccine Effects

Report A Vaccine Injury

Changes in Menstrual Cycles

I hope this is a helpful starting point for you in learning more about the importance of medical freedom as well as early treatment options. Even if you’ve been vaccinated, all data is pointing to that immunity fading after 6 months or so. It’s so important to prioritize improving your health each day and learning how best to protect yourself in ways other than just getting a booster shot for the rest of your life.

Do you have a resource or business that you’d like for me to consider adding here? Please comment below or email me at

Thanks for reading!



  1. Thank you for speaking out on this. 🤍 I have been advised by my doctor to not be vaccinated because I already had Covid and have autoimmune issues. I wish our government would provide more information on other preventative measures. Also, most people who do get covid are not being told what to do, literature states “take care of yourself”.

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