52 Weeks of Trying New Things | Week 2 | Rover

Gabe and I travel a lot, but thankfully for most of our trips we can either take our dog Sasha with us or leave her with family in NC or SC.  This weekend we were at a beach house that didn’t allow pets and our families were both at the beach as well, so we had to find somewhere for Sasha to stay while we were gone.  After looking into several boarding options, we weren’t thrilled about the thought of her being kept in a cage most of the day and possibly not getting along with the other dogs in the open play time.    A lot of the newer dog boarding facilities we looked at also required extra vaccinations like the flu vaccine for dogs (say whaaaat?!)   None of the places we looked at seemed like the right fit, so we decided to try something new and signed up for Rover.    It’s basically the Airbnb of pet boarding.  You can search for the services you need – dog boarding in the sitter’s home, house sitting of your pet in your own home, dog walking, doggy daycare, or drop in visits.

Screenshot 2018-09-23 at 10.07.39 PM

What we love about Rover:

  • Prices can be comparable or even cheaper than boarding in a traditional facility.
  • Your dog will receive personalized attention and care – we searched for a sitter that worked from home since Sasha is used to me being home with her all day.
  • You can find a pet-free home or a home with other pets if your fur baby would rather have a playmate.
  • You can look at reviews for each sitter, pictures of their house/yard, and how many repeat clients they have had.
  • You can filter by whether or not there are children in the home if that’s a concern.
  • You can request picture updates during the stay (we were a little nervous about a stranger watching our baby, so it was great to receive pictures to show how she was doing).


We are so thankful we took the risk of trying something new and found a wonderful resource that will ease our minds a bit when we aren’t able to travel with our dog but want to be sure she is well-cared for.  If you’d like to give Rover a try, you can use this link to get $20 off your first booking!

What’s something new you have tried this week?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. This is so great! I’ll definitely be looking into this. We normally leave our pup with the local vet but since overnight stays are an option and not a full service we have been searching for something that will keep her happier during extended travel. Thanks so much for sharing!


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