52 Weeks Of Trying New Things | Week 1 | Sally Challenge

After all the rain from Hurricane Florence this weekend, Gabe and I got tired of feeling stir crazy and decided it would be fun to accept my friend Kelly’s “Dare To” Challenge, which consists of trying one new thing each week!  We would love to hear your suggestions for what we should try.  It can be anything – new recipes, local activities, fitness, road trips, parks, music, books, etc.  We’re excited for what the next year will bring and look forward to sharing our experiences with you each week!

Week 1 – Sally Challenge – Inspired by Moby and FreeFitsboro  

Note: Include your fur baby in this challenge at your own risk.   Also, I wish I could have planked for the whole song but I’m not there yet, thus mixing it up with the squats!  It was difficult but we had fun with this one.  Total reps of whatever up/down exercise you choose: 30.

Thanks for watching!  I hope this inspires you to try something new this week!



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