How To Find The Cheapest Rental Cars With Autoslash

Today we’re talking rental cars and how to get the lowest price possible!  Generally, I rent cars for longer road trips and when I’ll be flying out of an airport that’s more than a few hours away.  It’s handy to just be able to drop off the car and not pay for parking rates to leave my own at the airport during vacation.  A few years ago, my Mom told me about a site called Autoslash.  I was already a member of loyalty programs with Avis, Hertz, National, and Budget so I was skeptical that a 3rd party site could find me lower rates than the discounts I already had with them.  Boy, was I wrong!

How it works:

  • Enter your information on their site and specify all organizations you are a part of that could make you eligible for discounts (AAA, USAA, etc)
  • They search through all the databases to determine which discount codes will get you the lowest rate.
  • Within 30 minutes, they will email you the quote for your rental.
  • They also track your rental rates and notify you if rates drop.

They’re basically your travel concierge that takes away the hassle of searching multiple sites and coupons – they do it all for you!

Show me the money:

  • I’ve booked with them about 10 times so far and the quotes I’ve received have been anywhere from 20-50% lower than other rental sites, so quite a substantial savings!

I love free sites that make my life easier while saving me money at the same time.  What’s your favorite money-saving travel tip?

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Thanks for reading.


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