Discover Burgushi And The No Bread BLT Sandwich At The Cowfish

Let’s get something out of the way.  I eat bread.  In fact, I LOVE bread, but this unique breadless BLT sandwich at The Cowfish is just too good not to share.  This post is mostly to showcase our tantalizing foodie photos, but if you haven’t heard of this delicious sushi burger fusion restaurant, they have locations in North Carolina (Raleigh and Charlotte), Florida (Orlando) and Alabama (Birmingham).  In addition to what you’ll see in this post, they have a wide variety of sushi, burgushi, bento boxes, and outstanding milkshakes.  I am in no way affiliated or compensated by The Cowfish for this post, I just love their unique take on Asian fusion!

The Cowfish colors are so vibrant – this is their location outside of Universal Studios in Orlando.  The interior is even more unique!
Isn’t The Cowfish adorable?
******What’s Shakin’ Tuna Bacon Sandwich******
Seared rare blackened yellowfin tuna, applewood bacon, iceberg lettuce, jalapeños, tomato salsa, Asian slaw, and spicy mayo, served between grilled spring roll wrapper “buns” filled with kani and sushi rice.
Thai Cucumber Salad
These Bloody Mary’s were a meal by themselves!

Hungry yet?  Share your latest foodie find with me below!

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Thanks for reading!



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