Get Paid To Walk And Run With The Lympo App

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I’ve been slacking my TNT challenge lately, so this week I decided to change that.  I’m a firm believer in Clean Eating being the most important factor in getting the physique that you want, but physical activity is a close second.  Lympo is an app I had looked into earlier this year, but it appeared to only allow you to track outdoor steps manually in the app –  too much work, so I never used it.   This week I decided to give it a second chance – I was happy to see that the app now has the functionality to sync with Google Fit and a few other trackers, so that was a game-changer.  No manual tracking needed!

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How It Works

  • The company describes Lympo as a healthy lifestyle ecosystem
  • The app starts you out with small challenges – my first one was a mile, then a quick walk of 0.25 miles – totally doable.
  • You can choose to manually track the walk on your phone OR use steps you’ve already accumulated that day to complete the challenge.
  • In addition to daytime challenges, they also have short evening challenges which include tips about how to get better rest.
  • Each challenge earns you LYM coins (a type of cryptocurrency) which you can redeem in the app for clothing, shoes, electronics, discounts on healthy food, and wearable trackers.


The Bottom Line

  • Yes, it will take some time to earn rewards, which is par for the course as far as fitness tracking apps go.  If you need instant gratification, this is not for you, but if you’re wanting to increase your activity or are already active, it’s a great tool to earn rewards for what you’re already doing.
  • There is a Facebook Community where you can share your completed Lympo challenges, active lifestyle tips, thoughts, and ideas on how to improve the app or to simply express yourself, discuss and chat with like-minded people. They also host special group-only contests and once in a while do something fun to keep the buzz going.  I like that this app supports a holistically healthy lifestyle!
  • If you sign up, plan to do it on a weekend or right before a few days when you’ll have more time to move, because the 48 hours immediately after sign-up are “boosted” with extra rewards if you complete your first five challenges in that timeframe.
  • Steps you earn are reset each day, so you can’t bank them for the week and then apply them to the challenges at the end – you need to apply your earned steps each day.
  • If you want to give it a shot, you can use my referral link to receive a bonus at sign up.

What reward would interest you most – shoes, clothes, or electronics?  Comment below and let me know!

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