How To Work Toward A Pull Up By Using Band Assistance (And A Video Of Me Hilariously Failing A Rope Climb)

Yep, this epic fail of a video (cool fitness park in Virginia Beach though) pretty much sums up how my fitness goals have been going lately.   I’ve been neglecting the fitness aspect of my blog lately, largely because (sadly) I’ve also been neglecting it in my own life.   Motivation has been low, laziness has been high, and I feel like garbage because of it.

Time to start taking care of my body again!  Being able to do an unassisted, from hanging, full range of motion pull up has been a goal that I have wanted to achieve this year (ok, ok, the last few years too…).  Now that I have less than 3 months to reach this goal, it’s time to get serious if I want to make it happen.

I already have bands and an over the door pull-up bar at home (thanks Play It Again Sports),  so now I just have to make use of it!  Most gyms have resistance bands in the mobility area/room, so you can practice your pull-ups there or try using a bench or chair under you to rest one leg on while you do the pull-up.  A third option is the assisted pull up-machine, which lets you kneel on it to rest some of your weight as you develop your upper body strength.  The video below gives you a detailed explanation of how to safely perform a band-assisted pull-up.

Props to those of you (like my husband) who can do multiple unassisted pull-ups already, but for those who are not there yet (like me), the band-assist is a good starting point to work on your strength.

Anyone want to join me in reaching a specific fitness goal by the end of the year?   Please comment below with your goal(s)!   I’d love some fitness accountability partners because goodness knows I can use all the help I can get to stop making excuses.

Before you go, you might enjoy:  How To Strengthen Your Core With Bungee Fitness 

Thanks for reading.


how to do a band assisted pull up


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