Where To Find Good Mexican Dessert In Greensboro NC

45-degree weather didn’t stop me from satisfying my sweet tooth at the heladeria (ice cream shop) known as La Super Michoacana today.   I’d seen a lot of positive press about this dessert spot hidden in a strip mall, but had never gotten the chance to try it.   We finished lunch at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant and plugged the address into the GPS – it turns out it was only a few steps away and we had never even seen it because it’s so well hidden.  Once you find it, the exterior will surely catch your eye with its bright and inviting colors and matching truck outside!


I was overwhelmed with all the popsicle and ice cream options inside as there was a HUGE variety.  I almost chose the eggnog popsicle but ended up opting for mango instead.   It’s not the type of popsicle you’ll find in the grocery aisle.  This was entirely made of chunks of fresh mango, and I loved being able to taste the fruit instead of just sugary syrup.


I definitely want to return to try many other flavors of their popsicles, and also try their ice cream and other custom-made desserts like the Mangonada (spicy and sweet mango sundae).  You can read more about the story behind this small business here.  I’ll leave you with some more pictures of their mouthwatering options, including their Queso flavored ice cream :-O


What do you think?  Have you had Mexican style popsicles or dessert before?  What’s the most interesting dessert you’ve tried?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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