Halotherapy At Himalayan Hideaway Salt Cave In Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Are you someone that feels invigorated, breathes easier, and feels more alive when you’re spending time by the ocean?  If you don’t live near the coast or don’t get to visit often, thankfully there is another option for you to experience some of these same benefits – salt caves!  Salt caves (also known as halotherapy) are popping up all over the US and Europe as more and more people have seen the healing benefits of salt.  I first experienced a salt cave in South Carolina at Breath of Salt Spa.   Growing up, I had life-threatening asthma which I’ve mostly outgrown, but these days, I tend to have difficulty getting over colds when they move into my chest.   I first tried salt therapy in hopes of finding something to help me recover more quickly from respiratory issues and put a stop to a lingering cough.   I ended up feeling some improvement after my first salt session – I wasn’t completely better, but I could tell that it helped.  This is also where I first learned about something called a salt inhaler!

Fast forward about 8 years, and I was thrilled to find out there was a salt cave near me in Winston-Salem, North Carolina called Himalayan Hideaway.  Thankfully, this time I didn’t have any breathing issues, but my husband and I booked a session with a friend of ours who was having some respiratory issues after being around mold.   Below you can see the unassuming exterior, tucked away beside a Fresh Market on Robinhood Road.


As soon as we stepped inside, we felt immediately transported to the whimsical world of Nepal with the Himalayan themed decor filled with salt lamps and other salty products all around!


The day we visited, it was freezing outside, so it was the perfect escape to be able to soak up the salt inside.

A Few Pointers For Your First Visit

  • Drink plenty of water before your session (and after you’re done)
  • Dress comfortably so you can relax
  • Wear clean socks or you can also go barefoot in the cave
  • Remove all smartwatches and wearable trackers along with leaving your phones outside, as the salt can get into the device and be corrosive.

Once we had followed the instructions, we were ready to start our salt session.  We had four people in our group and were joined by two other ladies who we later learned came in for sessions 5 times a week!  The salt cave can accommodate up to 8 people at a time, and you can reserve the entire cave for private events.


The owner, Chrissy, was welcoming and gave us an overview of what to expect and also shared how halotherapy had improved her health and helped her improve skin conditions and get off medication.  You can find a detailed explanation of the conditions that halotherapy can help with here.

As she dimmed the lights and the salt started to be dispersed into the room through a vent, some of us relaxed in the zero gravity chairs and got cozy with the blankets, and others lounged on the cushy floor pillows.   The floor consisted entirely of hand-mined Himalayan pink salt (over 8,000 pounds of it), and salt also covered much of the wall space.  Peaceful music played throughout the session and a few of us (including myself) dozed off for a while.  It was so nice to have all distractions gone and enjoy this tranquil respite with twinkling lights above.


Once our session was over, we had the chance to move to the tea room where we sipped on Nepalese tea while warming our feet on the salt foot globes you see below.   They felt SO nice on my feet; though it wasn’t cold in the room, my extremities are always cold, so this was the perfect area to warm up and continue relaxing before we left.


We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Himalayan Hideaway and our friend who had breathing issues noticed a marked improvement after we left, which was such a blessing!

You can purchase all-natural skincare products like eczema butter, salt-infused soap, and many other fun items like Himalayan salt shot glasses.  I also learned about fairy hair and now want to get some of my own!  I love that Chrissy highlights products and services from other local businesses and also cares so much about using pure and unrefined hand-mined salt for her salt cave.



Have you visited a salt cave before?  Are there other natural therapies that you like?  I’d love to hear your experience or any questions you have in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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