Quarantine Superlatives

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2020 has felt like a nightmare version of Groundhog Day, hasn’t it? Thanks to Caralyn of Beauty Beyond Bones for the inspiration to share some of my quarantine superlatives – here are my picks for things I’ve learned and have enjoyed/disliked during the stay at home era. Gotta find some levity amidst all the chaos of this year!

Best purchaseBrondell Ecoseat

Best site to keep pets healthyChewy Pharmacy – They take care of getting the script from your vet and prices are so good!

Best NC small business I’ve discovered: Hometown Goodie Boxes

Best way to keep essentials on hand: Amazon subscribe & save

Best unintended consequence: more workplaces allowing employees to work from home forever, and more families embracing homeschooling.

Biggest things I’m thankful for: The ability to work from home and having local parks to explore

Best immune support: Rapid Rescue

Most overused phrases/words: flatten the curve, we’re in this together, now more than ever, covidiot, social distancing, in these unprecedented times, new normal, PPE, wash your hands, stay home, etc

Best way to relax and sleep: Herbal tea and some Ned full-spectrum hemp oil (code EMILY15 for 15% off your first order)


Best TV show to help with wanderlust withdrawal: The Amazing Race. Also, be sure to check out The Pack if you love dogs! It’s like The Amazing Race but everyone gets to do their challenges and travel with their pups!

Best way to keep curious children entertained: Early Explorers

Best quarantine adventure: Questival Quaranteam

Best outdoor activity: Exploring hiking trails, state parks, and waterfalls


Best day of the week:  Mondays when I visit the chiropractor

Best at-home workout: Free daily workouts from Planet Fitness – they have 5 minute workouts Tuesday and Thursday, and 20 minute workouts M-F at 7:00 pm

Best alcohol alternative: GT’s Mystic Mango kombucha

Best (easiest) quarantine meal: Green meat

Biggest time waster:  Watching the news

Best educational TV Show: Alone

Biggest Laugh: Husband doing wife’s make-up

Best thing I’ve learned to make – Raised planter bed garden and pallet herb planter


Best educational book: Herbal remedies

Biggest disappointment: People hoarding toilet paper and mask shaming

Best time waster: Google Crowdsource

Best investment: High yield savings account

Coolest new invention: Aviair HOCL to kill COVID without toxicity to your body or pets

Best ways to save money: SaverLife, mystery shopping and the ZOGO app (code EMILYA8 if you sign up)

Biggest travel letdown: Missing our insanely affordable tour  to Ecuador

Best home project: Building a deck with the help of the camo tool!


Best Easter memory: Enjoying sunrise church service in the car

Best healthy snacks:  Skinny-dipped almonds and Biltong

Best unexpected benefit: Meeting neighbors we hadn’t talked to before

Best Bible verse for this timeJohn 14:27

Biggest Things I’ve Missed: Playing volleyball, traveling overseas and watching basketball

Worst Quarantine trend: Daily Zoom meetings, turning everything into a political debate and everyone going live on Instagram

Best new practice/habit you’ve adopted: Daily walks with my husband

Best parts of quarantine: More time to relax/reflect and fewer social obligations

Best Quarantine trend: Fun and quirky face masks. Masks can feel dehumanizing, but if you have to wear one, don’t hide your smile!

First place I’m going once restrictions are lifted: Alaska!

What are some of your superlatives?   I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


quarantine superlatives

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  1. A terrific list! Yes, “flatten the curve” and “new normal” wore out their welcome in short order, but the funny face masks at least showed we didn’t lose our spirit while “shelteringinplace!”

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