Travel Etiquette Quiz – How Annoying Are You?

Give yourself 1 point for each thing that you have done while traveling:

  1. Reclining your seat on the airplane 
  2. Holding up the TSA line because you didn’t read any of the rules
  3. Eating smelly food on the plane 
  4. Talking loudly on your phone before/after the flight
  5. Standing up as soon as the plane lands
  6. Going on a flight without showering (or without deodorant)
  7. Pulling/bumping into others’ seats when you get up or walk through the aisle
  8. Putting small items like jackets or purses in the overhead bins
  9. Trying to stuff oversized luggage in the overhead bin 
  10. Kicking the seat in front of you or letting your kid kick it
  11. Taking off your shoes and socks on the plane
  12. Talking to your seatmate when they have headphones on
  13. Falling asleep or leaning on your seatmate (when you don’t know them)
  14. Wearing strong perfume or cologne on a flight 
  15. Treating the flight attendant or gate agent rudely
  16. Watch a movie without headphones or with volume so loud others can hear it

Ok, time to add up your points!

0-4 points – Tolerable Traveler – You might make a few mistakes, but generally aren’t too obnoxious when you travel.

5-10 points – Eye Roller – Sorry to say, but you probably make a lot of your fellow travelers roll their eyes at your behavior and lack of courtesy. Do better!

11-16 points – Major Pain – Let’s keep it real, everyone hopes they do NOT get seated next to you because you make traveling incredibly unpleasant for others. Didn’t your mother teach you anything?

How did you score? I know some people will vehemently defend their right to recline their seat, but I’ll never agree! Pure evil!! In case you hadn’t guessed, these are my top travel pet peeves. What do travelers do that grind your gears? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out Passenger Shaming for more travelers behaving badly!

Thanks for reading!



  1. This is so great! I honestly only scored 2 points – sometimes putting a smaller bag in the overhead and reeling – although I NEVER do it all the way. That said, I’ve had so many flights in my life that seem filled with “16 point people!”

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  2. This is so great!!! As a flight attendant I appreciate this piece! Adults make the worst passengers in general, but with a pandemic and tumultuous political/civil rights climate, it’s SOOO much harder for us as flight crew now.

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