Fit Together Bodyweight Challenge Starting October 5th

Playing volleyball at the AVP Grass Nationals this weekend has me motivated to keep up the fitness momentum and work harder on my strength training goals in the coming months. I have enjoyed using the FitTogether app and was happy to see they have a new challenge starting this Monday, October 5th.

Below are the details – it’s free to join, doesn’t require a gym, and you have the chance to win prizes and cash. Even if you don’t want to use the app, I still think it’s a great challenge to commit to for 30 days, mixing it up with all kinds of body weight exercises!

Challenge Details

Post a picture or short 10-15 second video clip of you doing any bodyweight exercise you choose every day for 30 days.

Push ups, sit ups, pull ups, dips, squats, whatever YOU want. NO GYM REQUIRED 🙂 If you are not comfortable posting a pic or video, just post the workout you did in the app and how many reps for each exercise performed

Use the hashtag #bodyweightchallenge at the end of your post so we can track it

At the end of 30 days, Anders is going to be giving away THREE different prizes from Barbell Shrugged and FitTogether will be giving away some cold hard cash to three OTHER winners, so SIX chances to win something just for getting fit…TOGETHER 🙂

Click Here to CHECK IN and GET AFTER IT!!

Let me know if you join so we can cheer each other on during the challenge!

Thanks for reading!


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