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Don’t Forget About Dad

Why does Father’s Day always sneak up on me each year? I feel like there is more advertising leading up to Mother’s Day, but it never fails that I forget to buy a gift for my Dad until it’s almost too late.  Not this year!  I Amazon Primed it a whole DAY early so it will arrive Saturday instead of Sunday.    We all know that Dad doesn’t want another tie, so let’s think outside the box this year.  Here are five ideas for gifts that you probably haven’t bought him before!

For the Dad who’s always on the move – NOMATIC minimalist travel bag

Nomatic Life on the Move

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Small Business Spotlight – Greensboro Farmers Curb Market

Most of you know that I enjoy supporting small businesses and if given the chance, I’ll choose a local business 99% of the time as opposed to a large chain (Chipotle is my big exception).   I love helping other entrepreneurs grow and thrive in the community, hearing their stories, and making new connections.   When I lived in Columbia, SC, most weekends started with a trip to Soda City Market which has grown into an incredible melting pot of local vendors including farmers, artists, musicians, food trucks, and so much more.   It’s one of the things I miss most about South Carolina, but thankfully I’ve found the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market here in NC which has been a wonderful replacement.  I love their purpose, listed below: Continue reading “Small Business Spotlight – Greensboro Farmers Curb Market”

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Guest Post – Houston Mini Murals | By Tosha Benitez

Today I’m excited to share a guest post from my friend and fellow travel-blogger, Tosha.  I hope you enjoy learning about the art and creativity in Houston as much as I did!


We have just completed our second year of homeschooling. It has been a thrilling ride with lots of ups and downs as we made the transition from public school. Admittedly, I went from second guessing myself to finally hitting a stride within our personal family schedule and way of learning.

Photos from our second year of homeschooling

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Lessons From Mr. Wonderful


selective photo of gray shark
Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

This week I had the opportunity to attend the Make Money Like A Boss seminar featuring Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary.  If you’re not familiar with him, he’s one of the shrewd investors on ABC’s Shark Tank – more specifically, the one everyone loves to hate because of his royalty deals.  I only went because 1) It was free (thanks to a friend inviting me) and 2) I was curious to see Kevin in person and find out if he was as cold-hearted as the show portrays (he actually seemed quite nice in person). Continue reading “Lessons From Mr. Wonderful”

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Healthy Swaps – Memorial Day Edition

appetizer avocado bread breakfast
Photo by Foodie Factor on Pexels.com

Making the switch to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  For me, it’s worked best to focus on gradually adding in more nutrient-dense foods to crowd out the unhealthy things, rather than focusing on “I can’t eat this”.  Read your labels – the fewer ingredients, the better.  If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, avoid it!  Since a lot of you are probably traveling this weekend, I’m sharing two ideas for travel-friendly snack swaps. Continue reading “Healthy Swaps – Memorial Day Edition”

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Small Business Spotlight – Wine And Design Greensboro – The Perfect Creative Night Out

This week my husband and I were thrilled to be able to try a class at Wine & Design Greensboro.    We are always looking for fun new activities for date nights, and after a hectic workday, it seemed like the perfect way to unwind and express our creativity.

adult alcohol blur celebrate
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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