Small Business Spotlight – Wine And Design Greensboro – The Perfect Creative Night Out

This week my husband and I were thrilled to be able to try a class at Wine & Design Greensboro.   We are always looking for fun new activities for date nights, and after a hectic workday, it seemed like the perfect way to unwind and express our creativity.

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We picked up a bottle of our favorite blackberry wine and headed over to the studio.  We signed in, then poured our wine (they provide cups, ice, and a corkscrew and you can also bring your own snacks if you’d like).   The studio is set up so that every seat has a good view of the instructor and example canvas.  We donned our aprons and enjoyed admiring all the artwork displayed around the studio as we got ready to start creating our own.

Ready to start painting!
Enjoying our wine
So many beautiful creations in the studio

The colors of paint we needed were already prepared for us along with the brushes, paper towels, and water jars.  Once everyone arrived, our instructor Renee gave us a brief introduction on what to expect and explained how to get started on our canvas while she turned on some mellow tunes to get our creative juices flowing.  She gave us the option to choose some alternate colors for our palette if we wanted to have a lighter background on our canvas, so having that flexibility was nice.

I was slightly nervous coming in because we were painting an Alpaca, and I’ve never painted or even drawn any animals other than stick figures.  Thankfully it was a laid-back, fun group in the class with us who were fully ready to embrace Wine Wednesday and just enjoy painting, no matter how it turned out.

My husband was excited to paint, as he was an Art minor in college!

Renee had us start by filling in the background on the canvas and showed us the best brush strokes to use.   The neck and jawline of the Alpaca were the only things traced onto the canvas for us, so we started on these next.  We used small strokes to add color to the neck, making it look like fur!  Renee walked around offering pointers and making sure we all felt satisfied with our progress.   After taking a short break to stretch and refill our wine glasses, we finished by filling in the face and eyes.   Adding the multi-colored hair was my favorite part since we got to add some unique character to our animal.   It was so interesting to walk around the room and see how different each Alpaca had turned out, showcasing our unique perspectives on canvas!   We finished up with a fun group picture of everyone holding their masterpieces.

This was our instructor Renee’s painting – the one we modeled ours after – she is so talented!

We are both so thankful to Missy for the opportunity to try this class and explore something new for a fun mid-week activity.  The classes are definitely set up for anyone to enjoy – no painting experience needed.   You can see how our paintings turned out below!  This would be a great place to go for a girls’ night out, bachelorette party, birthday party or a date night.  This studio is currently offering a special where you can bring a friend for free when you book a class, so it’s a great time to go check out the studio and create something fun like Allie the Alpaca!   I know I’m already looking forward to attending their Paint Your Pet class in August which benefits Break The Chain Kennel Kru.  What a great way to help out animals in need while enjoying some painting!

My Alpaca looks bewildered, but I love it!
My husband’s Alpaca turned out so well!

If you live outside of Greensboro, you can find a Wine and Design near you by searching here!

Have you ever tried a Wine & Design class?  I’d love to hear about your painting experiences!


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  1. A friend of mine surprised me for my birthday one year and took me to one in Wilmington. We painted a lifeguard shack with a sunrise/sunset. I was nervous also because I thought we would have to draw the picture prior to painting. It really is neat how everyone’s painting turns out different even with the same picture!


  2. Blackberry wine is my one the best wine in drinking. Your studio is best where everything is available like a bear, ICE, snacks & everything. Your painting teacher also looks happy mood in the pictures. Your painting looks good but you need to more hard work for improvement.
    Happy painting class

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