52 Weeks Of Trying New Things | Week 15 | Avocado Brownies vs. Black Bean Brownies

This year for our Christmas Eve celebration we started a new tradition – Brownie Wars!  My husband and I are both highly competitive, so we each selected a recipe with a surprise ingredient and decided to let our family choose the winner via taste test.  We set the stakes high – the winner chooses the destination for our next trip!

I chose this recipe for black bean brownies because I’ve been curious about them for a long time.  I’m honestly not a big fan of any kind of beans (except maybe in chili), but I’d heard people rave about them, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. My husband chose this recipe for avocado brownies because we both love avocado and he wanted to see if flourless, dairy-free recipes could taste good!

Once our brownies were made, we labeled them #1 and #2, and each family member voted for their favorite after tasting each one.  We also asked them to guess the secret ingredient in each batch, but no one guessed correctly!  I have to admit, I was proud that our creations tasted pretty much like “normal” brownies and didn’t easily betray the unique ingredients inside them.

My black bean brownies ended up as the favorite, but everyone remarked that the avocado brownies were quite good too.  The beans made mine much more dense, while Gabe’s were a lot more fluffy and light.

Black Bean Brownies
Avocado Brownies


Have you tried baking with non-traditional ingredients?  I was pleasantly surprised by how good these recipes tasted and how little prep time was required.  The biggest question now is where should we go on our next trip?!   Please share your suggestions below!


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