12 Warning Signs That You Have An Incurable Case of Wanderlust

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You may have suspected it for a while.  You tried to ignore the symptoms, but they never seemed to go away, did they?  You’ve haven’t been to see a doctor about this, but instead frequented Dr. Google to check out how to treat your symptoms.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is currently no cure for Fernweh.


Here are the 12 warnings signs you shouldn’t ignore.  They almost certainly indicate you have a case of Fernweh, or incurable wanderlust.

  1. Getting lost doesn’t scare you – it’s the best way to explore new places.
  2. You have more than 5 travel apps downloaded on your phone and get multiple daily emails about discounted flights.
  3. You start mentally planning your next trip before you’re home from your current trip.
  4. Instead of scrolling social media, you scroll Groupon Getaways for hours.
  5. You constantly dream about doing a home exchange like in The Holiday.
  6. You always have a go-bag ready for a spontaneous journey.
  7. You get excited about the question, “So, where are you headed next?”
  8. You’d much rather purchase a plane ticket than shoes, clothes or makeup.
  9. Scratch off maps are one of your favorite things and you probably have map or travel themed home decor.
  10. When meeting new people, you instantly start vetting them to see if they’re travel buddy material.
  11. You get antsy when you don’t have any adventures planned.
  12. The three scariest words for you are “putting down roots”.  Coming in a close second is “settling down”.

Do you have any of these symptoms?  Recovery is not an option, so it’s best to just continue to feed your travel addiction.  Below are a few options for you.

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Your favorite travel enabler,


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