China’s Amazing 999-Step Mountaintop Obstacle Course! A Glass Skywalk Too!

So many adventurous things to see and do in China!  We got to explore a lot when we lived there and would take trips to Hong Kong about once a year which is one of my all-time favorites cities.  All areas of China are worth seeing though, as you will see from my fellow blogger’s post about this obstacle course in an area of China that is not as well known!


Welcome To Tianmen Mountain!

Here is one of nature’s most amazing sights: a mountain that has a hole in it!

Tianmen Mountain in China is famous for its water-eroded cave, which literally formed a “hole” in the mountain! It also has an amazing pathway – an impressive flight of 999 stairs leading up to it. It take more than a half hour just to walk up it.

For one amazing Parkour athlete, he did the opposite – he RAN DOWN IT in two minutes – while filming with a goPro in his mouth!

Calen Chan performed this “ninja warrior” style magic.

Here’s how he explains the video:

“My name is Calen Chan, and this is a FULL POV RUN of the Skyladder Parkour course at Tianmen Mountain in China! I had the wonderful opportunity to come and play here at this beautiful location called Heaven’s Gate. It has an average…

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