Review Of The Pakt One Minimalist Carry-On Bag

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Have you thought about going carry-on only for your next trip?  I used to overpack SO BADLY for each trip and I still struggle with that, but my husband has encouraged me to try leaving my larger checked bags behind.   Ever since I’ve gone with his suggestion of packing in a carry-on only, our trips have been much more efficient and we have loved spending less time in airports.  No more waiting forever at baggage claim, struggling to roll heavy bags down cobblestone streets or lugging them up long stairwells!   As far as my carry-on bag of choice, I have been quite pleased with the versatility of the Pakt One and below you can find my review of it (with my husband playing bag model).

As you see in the video, I particularly adore the TSA pouch for going through security more efficiently – what a brilliant idea to stow everything in one area quickly.  The bag has several separate interior and exterior compartments which ensure your belongings will stay organized and secure.  I like that it comes with a zippered laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes separate in your bag as well – it even includes a mini pouch in the laundry bag for a few coins.  The designers (Thank you Malcolm and The Minimalists) thought of everything and it feels like they are in touch with what I need to stay well organized as a minimalist traveler.

Purchase your own Pakt One bag!

Note: I was gifted this bag but all opinions are honest and my own.

What is your travel style?  Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out my curated travel essentials.

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  1. I love this! I tend to over pack most of the time. I’ve flown both with a checked bag and with just my carry on. Flying carry on only is definitely easier and my preference!

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  2. I am the queen of overpacking! I have always worn my crown during travels well. I’m still working on not doing this, because it is time to retire the crown. Lol. This bag sounds like it is perfect to help me with that. I never use half of what I pack for a trip, so I’ll definitely take all the help I can get! It sounds like the designers of this bag thought of everything, from the separate dirty laundry spot to the TSA pouch. That is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this. I have friends who travel often, so I’ll be sharing this with them as well.

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