Show Me Your Movement – Fun and Creative Ways To Stay Fit During Social Distancing

What type of movement do you enjoy the most?  Don’t let the current situation of being isolated due to COVID-19 keep you from staying active and getting movement in each week – there are so many ways we can adapt and adjust to creatively work out at home or outdoors.  I’d love for you to join in to show me your movement either on Facebook or Instagram!  I’ll be re-posting your photos to keep us all motivated and encouraged through some virtual connection!

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What other ideas do you have?  Maybe you have a small trampoline at home – try rebounding!  Here are some no-equipment exercises if you need some inspiration.

Have a back yard?  Try creating your own obstacle course.  We have a few extra tires that I’m going to use for that.

Feeling adventurous?  How about some hardcore parkour?

That one always makes me laugh 🙂

Live near a playground?  Go swing and slide for a while if it’s empty and get some upper body movement in on the monkey bars.

Of course, I won’t go a week without doing some type of planking variation.  If you have a physioball, this is a variation that I just tried tonight.  It’s hard to stay stable, but a great challenge for the abs!

We will get through this – let’s focus on the things we CAN control, like our activity levels.  Weather is turning warmer, so even if you just take a daily walk, that is going to help lift your spirits and keep your stress levels down.

If you haven’t monetized your movement yet, learn about apps that will allow you to easily do that here.  Need some other ideas for things to occupy your social distancing time?  Check out my full list here.  Also – check out my list of natural immunity boosters.

Thanks for reading.  I can’t wait to see the movement you share!


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