High Dose IV Vitamin C Treatment For COVID-19 – Let’s Bring This To America!

More analysis needs to be done on a larger sample size, but it is encouraging to see positive outcomes coming out of China with their use of high dose IV Vitamin C treatment as you can learn about in the video clip below.  The real question is, will any doctors in the US give it a chance?  I find it disappointing that the only clinics I can find in the US that offer this treatment are not set up to help COVID patients as they are generally helping those with compromised immune systems and treating patients with cancer.

While a vaccine is rapidly being developed and other medications like Avigan are being tested for efficacy in treating the coronavirus, I don’t see why IVC can’t be used for all those for whom it is not contraindicated.  I know there is a lot of skepticism around natural treatments but I think it’s time to eliminate the stigma around holistic therapies and be open to this option that may help to save lives.

Here is some further research into clinical trials using high-dose Vitamin C.  Aside from being a possible effective option for COVID-19, there is also plenty of evidence for it being an effective complementary treatment for those dealing with cancer.  You can read about that here.

For those of you working in the medical field, thank you so much for your tireless efforts to help those who are sick and hurting during this time, all the while risking sickness and exposure yourselves.  I’m glad that at-home COVID-19 tests will be available within the next week, thanks to EverlyWell.  (Side note, you can receive 20% of all their tests using this link) Hopefully, that will help to ease the burden on doctors and hospitals trying to handle the volume of patients needing tests.   Right now in this time of staying physically distanced from others, I’m just focusing on getting regular exercise, sunlight, sleep, connecting with friends virtually, and boosting my immune system.

I’d love to hear thoughts from anyone working in the medical field right now – do you know why IV Vitamin C is not being used as a treatment?  Are there just not enough resources?  Not enough research?  Has it been secretly banned? Lack of training in how to administer it?  Genuinely curious if anyone has heard any talk of this in the mainstream medical world.

Thanks for reading!


High Dose IV Vitamin C Treatment for COVID - 19 - Hopeful research in China


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