How To Earn Money And Reduce Stress Through Decluttering – A Review Of The Decluttr App

Do you have CD’s, DVD’s, cell phones, video games, books/textbooks or LEGOs that you no longer need? Why not make some money by selling them instead of having them sit around taking up space? For Week 22 of my Trying New Things Challenge, enter the minimalist’s dream – Decluttr!

The process is simple, as their website outlines below.

1. Get a FREE instant valuation

Simply select the make, model, and condition of your cell phone or tech device and we’ll give you an instant price. Thanks to our Tech Price Promise, you’re guaranteed to get the first price we offer or you can request your item back for FREE!

If you’re selling your CDs, DVDs, and games, just enter the barcode. We recommend downloading our FREE app too. It turns your phone’s camera into a barcode scanner, helping you value your items even faster!

2. Pack your items into a box

When you’ve completed your order, grab a box and pack your items. You can use any box you like, but make sure it’ll keep your items safe during transit.

We’ll send a Welcome Pack containing your FREE shipping label by email or regular mail (it’s up to you) shortly after you complete your order. Cut this label out and stick it to your box with some tape. You’re all set!

If you want to send more than one box, you’ll need to print additional labels. To do this, sign into your account, select your order and click ‘print additional labels’.

3. Ship your box for FREE

Shipping your items is super easy. Just drop your box off at your nearest UPS Store, Customer Center or Authorized Retail Outlet and they’ll handle the rest. You can also hand your items to a UPS driver.

4. Next day payment

A few days later, your items will arrive at our warehouse. Our expert team will check them over and you’ll get paid the day after by Direct Deposit, PayPal or Check!

Me again!  If you’re interested in buying from them, they also offer special discounts for students and those in the Military!

I always feel a sense of accomplishment and joy when I organize things and am able to declutter my living space, so earning money for getting organized is an extra bonus.  I was glad to be able to sell several books, CD’s, and DVD’s along with a phone using Decluttr and will definitely continue to sell this way – they make it so convenient and offer competitive prices.   Use my referral code to get $5 free when you make your first transaction on Decluttr

What’s your favorite tool that helps you declutter and organize things?  Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Wow! Now this is definitely a dope idea. When we were moving into our home, we did a lot of donating as well as throwing away. A service like this would be another great option for us too next time we need to declutter or change a room around.

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  2. Love this idea! When my husband and I moved in together years ago , we learned we had alot of duplicate cd,dvds etc. Back then you could trade them in. I donate often when I declutter but selling items would be great as well.

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  3. This sound awesome!! I have 100s … 100s of DVDs I would love to get rid of and earning a bit of extra cash while doing it would be awesome. I need to look into this for sure!

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