Commit To 221 Workouts in 2021

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Resolution, smesolution – this year I’m ready for a long term plan that I’m not going to give up on after a few weeks. Prioritizing my health is somthing I’ve struggled to do in 2020 so I want to set myself up for a different outcome in the coming year. 221 workouts in 365 days is something that will be challenging but (hopefully) doable as long as I stay consistent in my efforts. Here are the details!


  • I received a set of 3 kettlebells for Christmas, so thankfully I now have almost all I need for a full home workout. We have been gradually finding some good deals on at-home equipment this past year; so far we have a weight bench, adjustable dumbells, resistance bands, a stability ball and pull-up bar.
  • In the next few weeks, we hope to add a curl bar and barbell with weight plates, and I’m hoping to also get a foam roller for recovery days and a medicine ball!

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  • To count as a workout, at least 30 minutes of physical activity must be completed in one sitting
  • No more than 2 workouts can be done on any one day. I often play all-day volleyball tournaments, but that would only count as 2 workouts.


  • I’m going to vary the types of activity I’m doing, so they will not all be “traditional” workouts; I’ll be mixing in many types of movement that I enjoy – hiking, planking (of course), running, walking, disc golf, volleyball, tennis, rebounding, aerial fitness, curling, kayaking, HIIT workouts, cycling, rowing, boxing, resistance training with bands and weights, and swimming.
  • I’m planning to take advantage of the free online workouts from apps like MapMyFitness to vary up my routine between online and in person fitness options and find out which activities I enjoy the most.
  • My husband and each purchased our own Mind Pump Fitness program at a 50% discount, so we have about 3 months of targeted training developed by personal trainers that we respect ready for us whenever we want to start!

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Planking by a Glacier in Alberta

Motivation & Tracking

  • I will be tracking/timing my workouts using my Garmin as well as using Strava. I like to join the challenges on Strava and MapMyFitness because you have the chance to win prizes and can connect with friends to encourage each other. I also link all my activity to Achievement because they pay you to get fit!
  • I’ve recruited my husband and hopefully a few friends to join me in this endeavor. The more accountability, the better. In my opinion, workouts are more fun with friends, even if you just do them together virtually!
  • I like to visualize my progress, so I have a large whiteboard numbered so that I can cross off each workout as soon as I complete it – so satisfying!
  • In addition to tracking the number of workouts I’ve completed, I also plan to take body measurements once a month to see my physical progress that the scales would not reflect.

Want to join me in this endeavor to make movement a consistent part of your life this year? You can either track on paper, a whiteboard, or you can copy and paste the blocks below into Excel or Google Sheets to make your own tracker – just color fill each block once the workout is completed!


Use the hashtag #221in21 on your workout photos – it can be a walk in nature or any type of movement you enjoy. I’ll be posting updates on here and on my Instagram page and would love to see what movement you’re enjoying too.

Thanks for reading! Before you go, let me know your favorite type of unconventional movement in the comments.


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